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Us at YUCK are super stoked to had been invited to teach and perform with Lunar Circus in London.

We flew over in May to teach and perform at Beech Lodge School for the first ever Mayhem Circus Festival.
We were welcomed wholeheartedly by the community, and had a ripper of a time!

Organising the life-changer of an event was Beech Lodge Proprietor Daniela Shanly;
“We thought it would be an amazing opportunity for international performers and trainers to come over and open our children’s eyes to life in the circus. We are collapsing the curriculum to focus everything on the topic of circus and the children will learn every aspect of this unique theatrical event, from its history, putting up a big top, rigging, learning performance skills to putting on The Greatest Show on Earth”.

Many of our children struggle with their confidence and anxiety and we think this is a wonderful way to help our children gain confidence and become involved – and who knows, maybe it will inspire some of them into a career in the circus!’

Us YUCK girls agree that it was amazing to have been a part in the student’s growth, especially at the exponential rate that they smashed goals and embraced change. We’re inspired by Beech Lodge’s incredibly brave and amazingly talented kids!
Cheers to Fatso and Lou from Lunar Circus for fulfilling our childhood dreams and debuting YUCK on international soils!